SPLATT! Sponge Attack came to life in 1994 during a brainstorming session for a Youth Group's break up party- a 'Tomato Skirmish'. Developed as a way to shoot over-ripe tomatoes at each other, it has gone through various stages- including a way for siblings to shoot water bombs at each other in the backyard.


"Splatt Attack" was patented and operating as an amusement ride in the 90's, using four 'guns' (in a shadecloth tent) to shoot water bombs at each other while the players hid behind plywood shields.


After many teething problems, it has now developed into a fully-fledged amusement game for eight players at a time.


It now has; realistic sound effects, proprietary made environmentally friendly and police approved sponge projectiles, an unblemished safety record, and an extensive history of satisfied customers! 

Why we are proud of our amusement

Nothing is more frustrating to a pre-teen, teenager or young adult than attending a fete, show, community event or party and being offered rides suitable for young children or others rides that gouge their pocketmoney.


SPLATT! Sponge Attack was created to fill this gap- a game with no height or age restrictions (you must be able to wear a fitted helmet) that was fun for all ages. As a parent of teenagers at the time of creation, Steve Peterson was aware of the complaints that arose when attending events. Splatt Sponge Attack stops the 'I'm bored' comments and constant pestering for great amounts of money.


 We enjoy watching dads get in and take on the family- mum included. It makes us proud of our game when girls from four years old emerge with huge grins on their faces after having a game against dad or an older brother and occasionally winning! We are proud when we see groups of eight friends slog it out against each other and then gleefully showing off their 'battle scars' at the end of the game. We are proud of creating an Aussie-made and family operated business that brings such joy to families and friends, priced to ensure maximum value for money.


All our staff are family, taking pride in our business and ensuring that everyone is enjoying the amusement while staying safe. You won't see our grumbling at the children lining up- we are committed to a high standard of service and professional communication.

Why we are competitive in our market

SPLATT! Sponge Attack offers the difficult-to-please teenager and young-adults  an entertaining, legal and satisfying way for them to experience Skirmish without the bruises, high costs and age limits.


 We have noticed during our years of operation that budgets for staff parties have dwindled,  attendance numbers have declined and pocketmoney given to kids at these events has decreased. We understand this struggle- as a family business we take into account what families  and businesses want at their events...true value for money and broad appeal!


When SPLATT! first started operating as a business in the 90's, we were charging $3pp. Nearly 15 years later, with a greatly improved set up and increasing costs, we are only charging $6 per player- great value when compared to the usual $10pp for the larger rides and $6pp on the aging bouncing castles.


Another advantage of our amusement is that the entire family can play!- no age or height restrictions (a helmet must be able to be fitted securely) and a game that mum and dad can enjoy!


Organisations and fete operators can be assured that we maintain high safety and hygiene standards and have an unblemished injury-free record. 



If you are considering hiring an amusement for a birthday party, social gathering, fete, festival or social club event, we assure you that SPLATT! will not disappoint. We have an extensive history of repeat bookings to demonstrate our claim...